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Why Us


We always put our client first, unlike other firms where shareholders prioritise monetary returns over all else. We are aligned with the interests of our clients, allowing us to create a specialised and collaborative work environment, open to challenge and debate.


Fundamentally integrating the needs of the wider community, caring for other communities in which our business operates and taking initiatives for the greater good. Our agendas are led by business, where we pursue growth, but also believe in an equal society, where power is in the hands of the many and we all recognise our responsibilities to each other.


True to our name, Hivemind Capital has a distinct culture, built on the core belief that by working together, we can together achieve better results for everyone. Irrespective of our role, we are all united by our common purpose of delivering excellence to our clients. Trust has and will always be the cornerstone of our relationships and we are dedicated to validate the trust our clients have placed in us without exception.


We don’t take a single route to investment success. We believe in divergent viewpoints and have investment footprints in a gamut of sectors of the market. Given our firm-wide operational capacity, we move quickly to act upon investment decisions, gaining a competitive advantage in the market.


We welcome different viewpoints, arguments and ideas. That’s just how we work. We have people from different backgrounds and specialisations in our team and all of them bring something unique to the table. All our ideas go through a holistic stress test before we implement them.

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