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Adapting to new age investors and rediscovering growth.

Our operations are based on rigorous decision-making frameworks which are driven by the core elements of teamwork, collaboration and communication.

What we do is repeatable and robust but is not dependent on any single process, individual or investment.

This brief extends to every aspect at Hivemind Capital: idea generation to risk management to client servicing. Backed by data, research and a strong commitment towards capital protection, we constantly seek new investment opportunities that will deliver consistent and absolute returns for our clients with a margin of safety, following a diversified approach towards investment.

Where we drive a competitive advantage is through an in-depth understanding of brands and the Indian market as a whole.

We favour brands and opportunities that are considered unorthodox, are less followed, often misplaced and undervalued by the average investor.

Long term success requires commitment to exceptional standards of performance and productivity, working as a team efficiently, a willingness to embrace new ideas and to continuously learn and evolve. That is our road to sustainable and profitable growth by creating long-term value for our investors, our people and our business partners.

We do not base all our practices on theoretical models alone. Though they provide useful insights and perspectives, they are often incomplete. It’s the small intersection of reality and a model from where we generate actionable insights and act on them.


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